As the only organization dedicated to serving professionals working within the legal services plan community, GLSA is committed to providing both our attorney provider members and the public with access to the information they need to run a successful law practice as a group legal services plan provider. We have also created a series of documents to assist employers in explain the benefits of a group legal service plant to their employees.

Some of our most popular publications are:

The GLSA Concise Guide to Legal Service Plans (Click Here for More Information) Our website contains a general introduction to legal service plans, but for lawyers who are contemplating becoming a legal services provider and for others who are in the initial stages of designing a legal service plan, we publish the GLSA Concise Guide to Legal Service Plans. The Guide is designed to acquaint readers with some of the details of

  • How plans are constructed,
  • How lawyers provide services,
  • Funding mechanisms,
  • Insights as to marketing of and consumer demand for legal service plans, and
  • The different arrangements open to lawyers interested in providing services.

The GLSA Technical Assistance Packet Series (Click Here to Order) – Over the years we have received many inquiries about the technical elements of legal service plans including:

  • How to design different legal services plan elements,
  • How to structure legal services provider and administrative service agreements,
  • What enrollment forms to use, and
  • How other plans evaluate the quality of their services.

Our Technical Assistance Packets are designed to help you find the answers to these concerns and include samples of forms, contracts, newsletters, promotional materials and other tips and tricks used by group legal plans across the country.

The Prepaid Legal Services Regulation Reporter - (Click here to Order) This four volume set is available on CD or on-line through IP authentication. The digital format allows users to access state specific information directly on each states website, eliminating the need to update printed materials and providing faster updates.

NewsBriefs - GLSA's monthly electronic newsletter providing up to date industry information and helpful practice hints.

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