Why join the GLSA? Do you want to expand your practice without increasing marketing overhead? GLSA is an opportunity for provider attorneys to expand their practice and network with legal plans, and unions that actually can send you business. GLSA is associated with the American Bar Association located in Chicago, Illinois, where it has been since 1976. Formerly known as the American Prepaid Legal Services Institute (API), the GLSA has been promoting the development of the Legal services Plan Industry through advocacy, education, networking and resources. Attorney providers have access to legal plan administrators who can send you business and expand your practice. Our universal application allows you to apply to all of our participating legal plans with one click. Furthermore, you will have access to member plan attorneys who can provide insight on additional opportunities in the industry.

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In an effort to make your membership with the Group Legal Services Association (GLSA) more valuable to you and your practice, the GLSA announces the GLSA Universal Application. The Universal Application is a web application that simplifies the application process for attorneys who are interested in applying to participate in multiple legal plan panels. It also allows attorneys to provide evidence of their malpractice insurance to all of the panels they participate in through one secure portal.

New Attorney Panel Members

The GLSA Universal Application is a common application for potential new attorney panel members. This application allows GLSA attorney members to simultaneously apply for membership with each of the participating plan administrators. To do this, the new or current GLSA member can fill out the universally accepted form online, designate the plans they wish to apply to, hit submit and their application will be sent to the plans they have designated. The plans will follow up with the member directly.

Submission of Malpractice Insurance

Most group legal plans require their attorney panelists to submit annual proof of malpractice insurance. The Universal Application also allows GLSA Members to send their evidence of malpractice insurance to the same plan administrators through the GLSA portal. The attorney provider will be able to upload the proof of insurance and designate which plans will receive the updated information. This eliminates the need to submit individual proof of insurance to each legal plan.

The Benefits of the Universal Application

GLSA strives to provide our attorney members with new and innovative ways to streamline their legal practices and improve the quality of service they offer to their customers. As a result, the ability to submit applications to multiple panels and provide proof of your malpractice insurance in one place makes Universal Application invaluable.

A Note for New GLSA Members

Within two (2) business days of GLSA receiving your membership dues, you will be provided with the passcode to submit your Universal Application. This is a separate login from the Members' Only section of the website.

The Members' Only section is also the place where you can renew your membership online, search for members and connect with other GLSA members via our private list serves. Be sure to take the time to look around and explore all of the ways GLSA membership can be beneficial for you!

To access the Universal Application form, click here.


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