Starting a Legal Plan

Have you identified a need in your community that isn’t properly addressed by the existing group legal services plans? Do you want to offer a legal service that isn’t typically covered by a group legal services plan? Do you want to grow your business without expanding your law practice in a traditional sense? Maybe it is time for you to establish your own legal plan.

Innovation and creativity have driven the group and prepaid legal services industry since its inception. And as the legal environment changes, we need more innovative, forward thinking attorneys to keep up with the developments in our field.

The Group Legal Services Association (GLSA) is a nonprofit organization that is committed to serving consumers and legal service providers by increasing access to quality legal services through the use of group and prepaid legal services plans. As member David Baker, retired General Counsel of ARAG North America acknowledged, GLSA “is the only organization that brings together the participants in each of the legal service plan delivery alternatives in North

How GLSA Can Help You Start a Legal Plan

As the only organization of its kind, GLSA can help you start a new legal plan. GLSA attorney members looking to start their own plan benefit from

• our educational resources,
• attendance at the annual convention and
• the personal connections they develop with plan providers and plan administrators and other participating attorneys.

The personal connections our members develop are especially valuable if you are looking to start your own legal services plan because you can learn from the members of who have already created successful prepaid legal plans. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. As a GLSA member you have access to our entire community and can quickly decide what you should and should not do when building your new business.

In addition, the Regulation Reporter or State Paks will provide the regulatory framework that is vital to have prior to starting a plan, as each jurisdiction treats group legal services plans differently.

The assistance doesn’t stop after the plan is established. In fact, once you have started the plan you will have access to the expertise of members who are

• marketing professionals,
• plan administrators, and
• attorney providers

Your GLSA membership can help you identify your particular target market and connect with them in a cost effective way. You can also take advantage of the Universal Application to add attorneys to your new group legal services plan.

We encourage you to join GLSA today to take advantage of the wealth of information, education and personal connections available to our members.


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