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5 Simple Time Saver Moves That Work for Law Offices

Law offices are busy places. There’s always more to do, tight deadlines, and wondering how you’re going to get it all done. There are a lot of time saver tips available online. Yet, there are some that aren’t helpful because they take more time to implement and learn to use than the original task. In this post, we’re focusing on simple tips that you can easily work into your routine to improve your efficiency.

Use Templates for Standard Documents

Consider the documents you use on a regular basis. Do you (or a support staff member) type them from start to finish? Our first time saver tip is using templates for standard documents. Create a template from an older document to make the document creation process faster. Remember to remove all personal information from the template. Microsoft Office has a great walk-through for template creation.

Automate What You Can

Legal tech is the world’s best time saver for lawyers. Determine the areas that take up the largest portion of your time (outside of giving legal advice to clients and appearing in court!). Technology is meant to be a tool, but it only works if you choose the right solutions and use them.

Case practice management software can be used to automatically deliver invoices, provide documents, and help with client intake. Chatbots can be used to provide basic information (such as office hours), answer basic questions, and also help with client intake. They can also be programmed to complete basic forms for you. For example, LawDroid, which can be accessed via Facebook Messenger, can be used by consumers to fill out LLC forms. The process takes about 10 times for the consumer.

Keep Control of Your Schedule

It’s important that lawyers stay in control of their schedule. Even if someone else is in control of your calendar, it’s important that you review your schedule so that you know what’s expected of you. You’ll also be able to better prepare for meetings and know if a deadline is sneaking up on you. Proper calendar management is a time saver because you’re able to know where your time is being spent and if you’re being double booked. Don’t take on more than you can reasonably manage. Make liberal use of your support staff where you can.

Create Time for Deep Work

One of the best time savers for lawyers is to create time on your schedule for deep work. Deep work means that you’re eliminating distractions and spending that block of time working on a specific project. Consider scheduling your deep work time for the period of the day where you’re most energetic. Take a few days to really pay attention to your energy level during the day. Write down the times when you have the most energy and the times when you have the least energy. This becomes a time saver because you can establish the best times for you to work on projects that need your focus. You can use the other time for smaller, less intense projects.

Work Just Six More Minutes Each Day

Consider the number of hours you currently work and bill. If you add six minutes to your work day, you have an extra 23 billable hours each year! It’s an easy (and doable!) tip to help you create more billable time during the year!

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