Articles | 04/15/2019

For The Changing GLSA, A New And Improved Website

We pride ourselves on trying to be both responsive to our members and others who visit our site looking for information, and we strive to lead the pushing attorneys and the law profession as a whole towards the adoption of technology. As you might have noticed, our website is newly redesigned, brilliantly so from the team at ONE400. We’ve revamped our membership software and member portal to try and offer a better self-service experience to members looking to take advantage of what GLSA has to offer. And in an effort to better help browsers and members on our site, we’ve just added a chatbot to our site, courtesy of LawDroid. The bot allows you to ask questions from a selected set of the most frequently asked questions about membership, our upcoming conference, sponsorship opportunities, or you can ask a free form question programmed in using natural language processing — a process that will allow the bot to learn the questions that users have in order to develop more and better answers over time.

We’re excited about adding more new features and improvements to both GLSA’s online presence and the organization as a whole. We’re plotting a new course into the future, and we hope that the coming years of the GLSA are the best yet. If you want to learn more about the GLSA’s new course, you can sign up for our spring meeting in Tampa on May 9th through 11th, where we will be holding a facilitated workshop to help develop those ideas.

The future of the GLSA is bright, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

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