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Matt Hanhe

Matt Hanhe

Board Member
Virginia Beach, VA

Matthew Hahne is a Shareholder and the Partner in Charge
of the Virginia Beach office of the Boleman Law Firm. He has
been practicing bankruptcy law since he joined Boleman in
2008. Prior to Boleman, he was a prosecutor for the City of
Norfolk for 3 years.

He specialized in Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 consumer
bankruptcies. The Boleman Law firm is listed as a network
attorney for nearly all of the plans in the industry. Matthew
is the past-president of GLSA and looks forward to getting
back on the board soon! He lives in Norfolk, VA with his wife,
who is a teacher, and their 3 very active boys!

Matthew Hahne
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Boleman Law Firm, P.C.
Convergence Center III
272 Bendix Road
Suite 330
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Voice:       757-313-3000
Facsimile: 804-358-8704


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