Matthew W. Torres

Matthew W. Torres

Board Member
Miami, FL

Matthew W. Torres is the managing partner of the Miami based law firm, BABUN & TORRES,  P.A., where he has devoted up to seventy five percent of the Firm’s practice to servicing legal service  groups for the last twenty-four years. He has advanced knowledge of the legal, regulatory, marketing  and financial aspects of providing large group insurance services having previously worked for the  

former American Banker’s Insurance Group, as in-house Government Affairs and Regulatory Counsel  and Investor Relations Manager until the Company’s ultimate sale in 1999. His recent pioneering  activity is to create paid internships allowing aspiring collegiate legal minds to work themselves through  college while gaining actual practical legal experience. 

Matthew is responsible for about half the nearly nineteen thousand files that have been opened  by the Firm over the years including representing individual and business clients on administrative,  bankruptcy, business, civil, corporate, criminal, estate planning, family, financial, mediation, real estate  and traffic matters. His strategic planning duties include developing and implementing a differentiated  business development strategy, managing the large client base (almost 19,000 files) serviceable through  information technology, automation and standardized practices and expanding the Firm’s presence in  and throughout Miami. Future planning for the Firm includes the goal of expanding legal service  offerings to more Miami households.  

 Matthew speaks frequently at various community, business development and legal meetings  and conferences. When he is not assisting with southwest Florida estuary research, he can be found  spending time with his two Sons and Wife, Lizette Babun, who is also his law partner.  


Attorney, Florida (Common Law) & Louisiana (Civil Law), Admitted to Bars in 1996 and 1995, respectively.  Certificate Holder, Insurance Institute of America’s Delivering Insurance Services, 1996. United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (Federal), since January 1999. Mediator, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family & County Court Mediator, since March 2005. Arbitration Certificate of Accreditation, Florida Court-Appointed Arbitrator Training – Shulman, July 2020. 


Juris Doctorate and Master’s in Business Administration Dual Program Pioneer: Completed May 1994. Loyola University School of Law and College of Business, New Orleans, Louisiana. 


B.B.A., Loyola University College of Business, New Orleans, Louisiana, May 1991 

Double Major in Management & International Business Completed in Only Three Years 

Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, State Residential Magnet High School, Natchitoches,  Louisiana,  

College Level Course Work Instructed by College Professors, Humanities & Science Focus. 


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