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  • Webinar: Diversity in the Law

    GLSA Webinar Series presented:

    Diversity in the Law


    Lindsay N. Greene


    Most recently, the lack of diversity in law firms has been a well-publicized issue, and many law firms have, over time, recognized the need to recruit and promote diverse attorneys.

    Recent events underscore the urgency of the issue and highlight the ongoing inequality in the legal industry despite those past efforts; some of which amount to mere “window dressing.”

    During this webinar, Attorney Lindsay N. Greene discussed ways in which firms can improve diversity (not simply race and gender), why diversity in the law matters socially and addressed how diversity affects a firm’s economic bottom line.



  • Business Meeting and Elections June 18, 2021

    GLSA will hold its annual business meeting with Board Elections, on June 18, 2021.  As part of the business meeting,  we will be having elections to fill three (3) open seats on the Board of Directors.

    Those individuals elected to the Board of Directors will be for a three (3) year term. All voting members are eligible to be nominated. All voting members may nominate another voting member or may nominate themselves.

    The Nominating Committee will select the best nominees to run for election to the Board. The Nominating Committee will base its decision on the following:

    • A desire to serve on the Board
    • Some background and familiarity with the legal plan industry
    • Regular-Voting Membership in GLSA.

    This is a working board and the time spent is productive in advancing the mission of the organization.

    To submit your name or a colleague’s name for consideration as a candidate, send an e-mail or letter.

    • Tell us about yourself or your suggested candidate

    Please let the Nominating Committee know a little about yourself.  You may also support the nomination with recommendations from other members who know you or your candidate.  

    Don’t forget to include basic contact information including e-mail addresses.

    • Highlight relevant background and experience  

    A proven record of volunteer work and leadership in relevant organizations and strong practical experience in the legal plan industry will be a plus.

    • Distinguish yourself or your candidate 

    The election process is an opportunity to encourage participation in GLSA leadership by a wide diversity of members.  If electing you or your candidate will make GLSA more inclusive, or provide unusual but useful experience or perspective, please indicate such facts in the nomination.

    All nominations must be submitted to the committee so that they are received on or before May 7, 2021.   Nominations must be made by submitting by the name of the nominee, a short biographical statement for the nominee and why the nominee should ultimately be elected to the Board of Directors.
    All nominations should be sent via email to the GLSA Executive Director at  Nominations received after May 7, 2021 might not be considered by the Committee. Following the nomination of candidates, the Nominating Committee will convene to consider all nominations and will then announce the candidates for this year’s election.
    If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact Executive Director, Annette M. Waggoner  via email to or 847-907-4670.

    Group Legal Services Association    P.O. Box 1693  Arlington Heights, IL 60006
  • Webinar: Ensuring Due Process for Litigants with Mental Illness

    GLSA Webinar Series presented:

    Ensuring Due Process for Litigants with Mental Illness

    January 28, 2021 1pm central

    Thank you to our prestigious panelists for the January Webinar:

    Dr. David Demarest, Director of Psychology & Neuropsychology Services at

    On With Life

    Hon. Henry Hamilton III Administrative Law Judge-SSA

    Jane Hudson, J.D.

    Executive Director

    Disability Rights Iowa

    Hon. Laura Jontz

    Administrative Law Judge

    Iowa Dept of Insurance & Appeals

    Georffrey M. Lauer MA

    CEO, Brain Insury Alliance of IA

    We discussed:

    • Special considerations when representing persons with mental illness or cognitive disorders
    • Adjudicating matters where individuals with such impairments appear as litigants or witnesses.  
  • Webinar – Putting it to Bed: How COVID and Civil Unrest Makes it the PERFECT Time for You to Learn How to Sleep

    Student girl finding it difficult at study and comprehend scool tasks

    GLSA welcomes Thomas Trunnel as he presents:

    Putting it to Bed: How COVID and Civil Unrest Makes it the PERFECT Time for You to Learn How to Sleep
    Mr. Trunnel examined the benefits/consequences of proper sleep as well as the connection between sleep and the successful practice of law.


    How one’s sleep is affected because of:

    1.The impact of the “Covid World” 

    2. Civil unrest, turmoil and the political landscape of late 

    3. Economic hardship including the politically correct term being “food insecure”

    4.How to deal with these factors in such a way that sleep is still possible, and even enriching! 

    Mark Divine, SEALFIT Founder and CEO. New York Times Best Seller, Wall Street Journal Best Seller, and #1 Amazon for books, Mr. Devine will inspire our members and share his story.





  • November, 18th 2020 – Webinar: Elder Law Wills & Estate Administration

    Join GLSA as it presents

    Ken Vercammen of Kenneth Vercammen & Associates, P.C.

    On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, at 1PM CT, 2PM ET, 11AM PT.

    Register here

    Webinar ID: 985 9611 2546
    Passcode: 918376


  • Webinar: How are US citizens granted legal protection and how does the system of Legal Plans work in the United States?

    GLSA is excited to announce the following event, as our collaboration with LPI grows.  Please join us!


    Invitation: LPI Webinar on Friday 25 September 2020, 16h00 CEST (10am US Eastern time zone)

    Legal Protection International aisbl cordially invites you to its


    How are US citizens granted legal protection and

    how does the system of Legal Plans work in the United States?

    Legal Protection Insurance and Legal Plans both aim to ensure high quality and affordable access to justice for consumers, but they function and operate differently. Understand how citizens in the United States sign up to a Legal Plan, who the beneficiaries are, what the role of attorneys is, and what Legal Plans cost!

    Attend the LPI Webinar with

    Brian Caron, President of the Group Legal Services Association (GLSA)

    Friday, 25 September 2020

    16h00-16h45 CEST (10.00am-10.45am Eastern US time)


    • About GLSA
    • Data of the US Legal Plans market
    • How Legal Plans work and what they cover
    • The beneficiaries
    • How Legal Plans are regulated
    • Differences between Legal Plans and Legal Insurance
    • Questions & Answers

    Join the Webinar and follow the instructions: click here


  • Webinar: Which States are Puff, Puff, Passing Marijuana-Related Laws and How Can Companies Stay Compliant


    With the proliferation of marijuana laws throughout the United States, employers can be left wondering whether they can still drug test employees, what to do if an employee tests positive for marijuana in a state where medicinal marijuana is legal, and whether they must accommodate employee’s off-duty use of marijuana. 

    Join GLSA as it presents

    Janell Stanton of Wagner, Falconer & Judd, Ltd

    on August 20, 2020 at 2pm central


    1. Types of legalization

    2. State marijuana law overview

    3. Rights of medical/recreational marijuana users

    4. Case studies

    Take a look at the webinar down below: 


  • Webinar: Ethical Implications of Law Office Technology for the Small & Solo Practitioner

    What are the Nine Most Important Words in the Profession of Law?

    Professional Responsiblity Rule 1.1:

    “A lawyer should keep abreast of changes in technology.”

    Join GLSA as it presents

    Wayne Hassay of

    McGuire Schnieder Hassay LLP

    Wayne will discuss:

    1. Current & future technology being used in the practice of law

    2. How technology is changing the delivery of legal services, the expectations of clients and making lawyers more efficient

    3. Potential ethical pitfalls and how to avoid them

    Where to Join:

    Zoom call on July, 2020 at 2pm central

    Meeting ID: 8835160
    PW: 149011 





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