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Renew Your GLSA 2017 Membership!

One of GLSA’s New Year’s resolutions was to expand its member benefits toward the end of better serving its membership – which includes attorneys, trustees, legal plan administrators, legal technology entrepreneurs, and other individuals invested in law practice.  Now that we’re weeks into 2017, we’re following up on that resolution by fully apprising you of GLSA’s current membership benefits.

Via teleconference last Wednesday, we had a chance to learn more about the valuable benefits you receive as a GLSA member directly from GLSA’s own president Keri Norris, president elect Jean Clauson and newer GLSA member Haley Bohlmann!

Play Audio Below:

Here’s a quick recap of what we covered:

What does GLSA do?

The stated mission is “advancing access to quality legal services thru legal services plans and industry collaboration.” But, what GLSA is focused on is a way to provide meaningful, affordable access to justice for all Americans. This is why the legal plan industry was created. For lawyers, GLSA is a fantastic business development opportunity for driving revenue to your business.

Who does GLSA serve?

GLSA membership is made of attorneys, legal plan administrators, union trustees and sponsors who collaborate together to provide access to legal services. One of the biggest benefits to membership is that you get to develop working relationships with others who share the same interests, but may not have the same occupation, and learn from each other.

What will lawyers need to succeed in 2017 and how does GLSA fill those needs?

To succeed in 2017, lawyers will need to understand consumers, use latest tools and practices to build efficiencies, understanding industry changes and take advantage of expanding revenue opportunities.

Thru teleconferences, webinars, its annual conference, CLEs, blog articles and white papers, GLSA helps lawyers to understand the climate of the consumer market, incorporate tips, tricks and practices to increase customer service and office efficiencies, and to stay abreast of changes in the legal industry. GLSA is also an active participant in future of legal services initiatives and helps member lawyers keep in touch with what is happening in the industry and shaping its future.

GLSA is a powerful way of helping lawyers to win more business. Through its universal application, GLSA gives lawyers access to multiple legal plans and thereby greatly expands the number of potential clients available with which to build one’s law practice.

What will plan administrators need to succeed in 2017 and how does GLSA fill those needs?

To succeed in 2017, plan administrators need more lawyers who are able to serve more customers so the plans are able to fulfill their mission. In particular, plan administrators want bright, talented lawyers who are legal scholars and experts, have empathy and compassion and understand customer needs and how to provide a quality experience.

GLSA provides plan administrators with the opportunity to develop relationships with lawyers in a meaningful way so they can confidently refer customers to the lawyers knowing the client’s needs will be taken care of by the lawyer. GLSA also allows plan administrators to be at the forefront of industry developments.

How to get engaged in GLSA?

There are many ways to get involved in GLSA:

  • GLSA Dine Arounds are small dinner groups of GLSA and non-GLSA members who get together to talk about GLSA and to network and engage with legal professionals in your community. Feel free to follow up with Ramon Robinson about having a GLSA dine around in your city.
  • GLSA Annual Conference in May in Scottsdale, Arizona is held in partnership with GPSolo and the ABA. There’s plenty of great speakers, CLEs, and other GLSA members to network with to increase one’s business and to have fun. Please register for the conference early so you can get the early bird discount.
  • GLSA Committees are also a great way to get involved in GLSA. There’s different areas to choose from: membership, sponsorship, education, conference, marketing and others, enough to find one that inspires you. You’re welcome to participate in a committee if you‘ve been with GLSA for a week or many years.
  • GLSA Podcasts and Webinars are great opportunities to share your knowledge and know how with the world. If you have something you are passionate and knowledgeable about that you’d like to share, please follow up with Tom Martin.

Renew Your GLSA 2017 Membership Today!

If you haven’t already, remember to renew your GLSA membership today. Don’t lose your valuable membership benefits!

If you don’t renew, your online profile will deactivate by Feb. 1 and you will miss out on the $100 member discount on the Scottsdale conference which is going to have some really great speakers and CLEs available. Renew today!

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