Articles | 03/01/2017

The Benefits of GLSA Membership

How does GLSA membership make me more employable?

I’m a mid-50’s lawyer with 27 years of experience.  By reason of a serious of unfortunate events and a downturn in the economy, I was forced to close-down my solo practice and get a job.  I thought, who is going to hire “my old self”?  As I evaluated my employ-ability, I became anxious about my job prospects especially comparing myself to all of the younger, hungry, tech-savvy lawyers who did not have the same salary requirements that I had.  As I got involved in the interview process, many of the prospective employers asked if I had a “book of business”.

Eureka, I do.  As a longtime member of GLSA I had developed a relationship with over 15 group legal plans that referred me business.  I found these prospective employers were very interested in my ability to bring this business into their firms.   This buoyed my confidence and resulted in two job offers.  I required a non-compete in my employment agreement wherein I retained these referral sources should I change jobs.

Being a GLSA member enhanced my relationship with the legal plans which ultimately resulted in my employment on terms that I probably would not have been able to otherwise negotiate.

Thank you GLSA!

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