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The Future of the GLSA: Charting a New Course – Part III

In our third installment of our weekly series on the future of the GLSA, we will hear from Allen Rodriguez, founder of ONE400 and the moderator for the State of the Industry Panel, featured last month in Law Technology Today. Allen has been a member of GLSA for several years and serves on the Board.

Where do you see the GLSA in 3 years?

Allen: I believe the GLSA will be a leader in subscription-based legal services solutions. This will not only include traditional legal plans but also include technology-based solutions like AI (artificial intelligence) supported document automation, bots, limited scope automated solutions and more.

What is the single most important change to the legal profession that must happen to improve access to justice or legal services?

Allen: Modify the model rules so that more lawyers can unleash innovation without worry of getting in trouble with the bar. Additionally, embracing the subscription model will help significantly as well as it decreases the barrier of entry (cost of legal services) and allows firms to operate at scale.

How does your company improve access to justice?

Allen: I personally am part of the California State Bar Association Access Through Innovation of Legal Services Task Force where we are working to recommend changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct so that technology may play a greater role in A2J. Additionally, ONE400 has created several technologies that support legal plans and other technologies that improve the delivery of legal services, reduce their costs and improve access to such services online. All of this with the aim of passing along those efficiencies to the end user.

How can attorneys make more money using your company or plan?

Allen: We can help attorneys adopt the subscription model and deploy the appropriate technology for supporting it. They, in turn, will move from a transactional revenue practice to one that generates steady, predictable, recurring revenue. They will also lower the barrier of entry for the end user and will be able to increase revenues and create steady growth by moving more volume efficiently.

If you are interested in hearing more from the State of the Industry Panel, participating in charting GLSA’s new course sessions, and learning more about how legal and subscription-based plans can help your practice, attend the Tampa Bay conference this May 9th to 11th more information available here. Registration is open now and there are limited tickets here.

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