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The Future of the GLSA: Charting a New Course – Part VI

In our sixth installment of our weekly series on the future of the GLSA, Keri C. Norris, of LegalShield and State of the Industry Panel veteran speaker provides her perspective. Keri serves on the GLSA Board and is also Past President.

Where do you see the GLSA in 3 years?

Keri: GLSA is evolving, just as the legal industry is evolving. It is a consumer driven, consumer choice industry, and lawyers and legal service providers must keep up.  This means the GLSA must be relevant, engaged, and provide real value to its members first, and then to consumers. I hope to see the GLSA as a leader in the area of technology in law as well as a leader in providing attorneys alternative methods to provide legal services to more people while growing their business.

What is the single most important change to the legal profession that must happen to improve access to justice or legal services?

Keri: Lawyers must figure out how to make services accessible and affordable. In order for lawyers to do this, traditional bar rules, often barriers or restrictions, must evolve and be more flexible.

How does your company improve access to justice? 

Keri: LegalShield has been providing North Americans access to justice through access to real attorneys for more than 45 years. We work to break down barriers for consumers. We work to make attorneys available for any topic for anyone, not just big cases or emergencies. Through everyday telephone and other technological access to real lawyers, we help facilitate relationships between clients and lawyers.  At LegalShield, we believe lawyers are critical to the process of justice. It’s not enough to only offer forms or information.  At LegalShield, we provide easy ways for connections, relationships, and partnerships to form between individuals and businesses and attorneys.

How can attorneys make more money using your company or plan? 

Keri: LegalShield lawyers build relationships with LegalShield members.  We want members to see our attorneys as their personal attorneys.   A human connection designed to solve a real problem creates repeat clients for our attorneys. We encourage our attorneys to be full service, helping consumers in everyday life and in emergencies.  Connections create revenue.

If you are interested in hearing more from the State of the Industry Panel – featured last month in Law Technology Today, and learning more about how legal and subscription-based plans can help your practice, attend the Tampa Bay conference this May 9th to 11th — more information available here. Registration is open now and there are limited tickets here.

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