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The Future of the GLSA: Charting a New Course – Part VII

In the seventh and final installment of our weekly series on the future of the GLSA, Hyatt Legal Plans CEO, Ingrid Tolentino provides her perspective on the future of the GLSA and more.

Where do you see the GLSA in 3 years?

Ingrid: In 3 years, I would like to see GLSA as a larger and more influential organization.  GLSA is well positioned to increase its membership and become a true resource for its members and participating companies.  There is an opportunity to support attorneys to help grow their practices and leverage technology in a profession that has traditionally been slow to transform.  Through the annual meeting and other webinars, GLSA provides their members with helpful information regarding resources for small and solo practitioners and allows members to interact with Legal Plan Administrators.  Attorneys who participate in GLSA truly have the insight and opportunity to help promote and grow the legal plan industry and their own practices.

How does your company improve access to justice? 

Ingrid: For a low monthly premium, Hyatt Legal Plans provides our members and their dependents with access to a large network of experienced attorneys who can provide high-quality legal services for many personal legal needs. Dealing with legal issues such as a traffic ticket, divorce, or debt matters can be very stressful and overwhelming to many people. Legal plans provide people who have never utilized an attorney and may not even know how to select attorney the ability to work with a vetted attorney who will advocate for them and help them resolve their matter. The attorney’s fees for many legal matters are fully covered and paid directly by the legal plan. Without the legal plan, many members may not have the ability or the means to obtain counsel.

How can attorneys make more money using your company or plan? 

Ingrid: The best way to increase referrals and business from the legal plan is to provide high-quality service to our members. Our goal is for our members to have a very good experience while utilizing their legal plans. That experience is largely based upon the experience they have with the attorney that they chose to work with. From the first phone call or communication to your office, focus on providing the member with a good customer experience. Be responsive and timely with communications and updates on ongoing matters. If you have any questions or concerns about coverage, fees or any other issues, reach out to Hyatt Legal Plans to discuss. We are here to help and to provide you with the information you need to assist our members. Members who have positive experiences will share their experiences with co-workers and others and are a great source of new referrals to your office. Likewise, if a member has a negative experience, they will share that as well and that can have a chilling effect on new referrals.

We are very close to our spring conference in Tampa Bay on May 9th to 11th. If you are interested in the State of the Industry Panel plus learning more about how legal and subscription-based plans can help your practice, more information is available here. Registration is open now and there are limited tickets here.

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